João Gabriel Tonaco

João Gabriel Tonaco

Front-end Developer at Square Cloud

João Tonaco is a 17-year-old Brazilian with a strong interest in frontend development. Currently serving as a Frontend Developer at Square Cloud, he's actively engaged in shaping the digital experience for users.

Dedicated to enhancing his coding skills, João is navigating the complexities of frontend development with a focus on creating seamless and user-friendly interfaces. His commitment to this particular aspect of web development showcases his technical proficiency and his ability to contribute to the visual and interactive aspects of websites and applications.

Beyond the code, João brings a broader perspective to his role. His appreciation for cats and basketball adds a personal touch, highlighting a well-rounded individual with both professional expertise and personal interests.

As João Tonaco continues his journey in the world of technology, his concentration on frontend development positions him as a rising talent, poised to make a significant impact in crafting engaging and visually appealing digital experiences.