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Changelog written by João Otávio Stivi in 01/04/2024.

Official Blob launch

A new universe of possibilities is now available to you! Blob comes by default in all plans, allowing you to store and retrieve large amounts of data with ease. 🚀
Blob is a service that is part of Square Cloud’s new set of Serverless services.

Service launched to the public on March 14, 2024, still in beta.

Lowest latency, highest availability, and durability.

A efficient way to store and serve your assets, such as images, videos, and documents, with the best performance and security using our storage with a global content delivery network. Designed to be simple, intuitive and fast solution. Built by Developers for Developers.

Zero configuration and fees.

Completly pay-as-you-go, and no billing surprises. No setup required, just start using it. No additional costs, you pay only for the storage and objects you use.

Check out the Blob documentation to learn more about this new service.

Infraestructure Update

We’re thrilled to announce a significant performance boost for our platform! A brand new infrastructure enhances reliability and speeds up overall responsiveness. This includes a new API version specifically designed to optimize AUTH and BILLING services.

We invested in increased scalability

To ensure continued scalability, we’ve expanded our infrastructure by adding 256GB of RAM, with plans to reach 1TB by May. The combined improvements translate to a smoother user experience, with latency reductions of approximately 15ms for the API, 10ms for AUTH and BILLING, and a noticeable 20ms improvement for the dashboard itself.

If your application is hosted in our platform, you can expect a significant performance improvement in calls to the API because of the new load balancer and the new API version.

Website Update

We have improved our website in several ways. More focused on the user experience and latency, we have made several changes to make it easier to navigate.

Console improvements

To address a previous limitation, we’ve implemented a comprehensive fix for the uptime monitor. This ensures the system delivers real-time updates on platform health, providing a continuous stream of vital data for proactive monitoring and improved decision-making.

The logs have been optimized and now are completely display in your console, sorry for the inconvenience when you couldn’t see the logs in the console.

New console errors detection, more intuitive and faster.

Customer Service improvements

We’re excited to introduce our new chatbot system! This innovative tool empowers users to find answers to their questions and access support efficiently. The chatbot is trained to address a wide range of inquiries, and seamlessly guides users to a live agent if the situation requires more personalized assistance. This ensures users receive the appropriate level of support, while maximizing efficiency.

Square Cloud now disponibilizes a Code of Conduct and Ethics, you can check it here. Only in Brazilian Portuguese for now.

Spoiler: The Square Cloud Development Team is working hard to make a new website version in May, with moooooreeeee features and improvements. Stay tuned!

Documentation Update

Our documentation has been updated with new content. We have added new guides to help you get started with our platform and services.

Access the documentation by clicking here.

AUTH Update

We have made several improvements, the most important being the new version of the global verification system. This new version is more reliable and faster, with a response time of less than 50ms in most cases.


We have updated the billing system to optimize NFSe generation. This new version is more reliable and detailed, with a NFSe description containing all the necessary information for the user. The NFSe client name use client e-mail to determine the name.

The Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NFSe) is a document that certifies the provision of services, and it is mandatory for all companies that provide services in Brazil.

API Update

Endpoint: /v2/apps/:appId/commit

Faster response time when requesting the commit of an application.

    "status": "success"

Clusters Update

  • Improved Commit System: Enhanced the commit system to provide faster response times.
  • Improved Start: Improved the start system to provide faster response times in all applications.
  • Optimized extraction zip: Reduced the time to extract a zip file in the cluster when deploying an application.
  • Optimized File Manager: Reduced the time to create a file and limit to 10MB per file.
  • Increased Network: Increased the network balance to provide more stability in the cluster.

Libraries cited in this article


  • New package published, uses the Blob service.

Personal note: Special thanks to richaardev for help with Console improvements. 🙌