We are excited to announce that 😁, thinking about simplifying our plans and bringing benefits to everyone, we have made some changes to the plans.

What will change?

All the old 5 plans Medium, Advanced, Senior, Deluxe and Orion have been replaced by the newer plans Hobby, Standard, Pro and Business, and these are the specifications of each:


Ram: 2GB RAM

Cpu: 0.5vCPU


Ram: 4GB RAM

Cpu: 1vCPU


Ram: 8GB RAM

Cpu: 2vCPU


Ram: 16GB RAM

Cpu: 6vCPU

This update affects all plans - except Enterprise series.

With these changes, many things have improved, such as:

Previously, to have a custom domain, you had to pay R$ 27.99 on the Senior plan. Now, you only pay R$ 24.99 on the Standard plan - Enjoy a discount of R$ 3.99.

The cost of the most expensive plan (excluding Enterprise) was R$ 109.99 with Orion; now it is R$ 99.99 in the Business plan.

Due to the migration, all users of the old Medium, Advanced, Senior, and Deluxe plans will have their resources doubled at no additional cost!

Now, the cost per gigabyte is lower for all cases! Enjoy paying less for more!

As previously mentioned, all users will have their migration at no additional cost!

Medium to Hobby


  • RAM doubled (1GB => 2GB)

Advanced to Standard


  • RAM doubled (2GB => 4GB)
  • Now you can use Custom Domains!

Senior to Pro


  • RAM doubled (4GB => 8GB)
  • Now you have Premium Support!

Deluxe to Business


  • RAM doubled (8GB => 16GB)
  • Increased processing (4vCPU => 6vCPU)

Orion to Business


  • Now you will pay R$ 99,99 in your plan (before was R$ 109,99)

Community Feedback and Future Developments

We value your feedback, and we are constantly listening to our community to understand your needs better. Our plans are designed with your input in mind, and we appreciate your continued support as we work towards making Square Cloud the hosting solution of choice.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to evolve and improve our services. Thank you for choosing Square Cloud for your hosting needs!